Conditions of Employment

All Gateways employee are bound by the following conditions:

  • Gateways Probationary Period Policy states that employees must complete a six months probationary period. During this period both parties will determine suitability to the position.
  • Employees must undertake training courses as required by Gateways. The cost of these courses will be met by Gateways.
  • It is a prerequisite that residential and respite care employees must have a current Level 2 First Aid certificate and current CPR Refresher training prior to employment commencing.
  • All employees must have a current Working with Children Check prior to employment commencing, and Gateways will conduct a Police Check and DWES Check.
  • Our workplaces are smoke free therefore smoking is not permitted while in the employment of Gateways.
  • Employees are to notify the Corporate Services Manager when taking prescription drugs which may impair their judgement in carrying out allocated duties.
  • Employees cannot consume any intoxicating substance while on duty and employees must not attend for duty affected by the consumption of any substance.
  • Any employee who has driving responsibilities must hold a current Victorian drivers licence. If the employee has an interstate licence at the time of employment they must produce a Victorian licence to the Corporate Services Manager within three months of commencing employment.
  • Employees are to notify Gateways immediately if their driver’s licence is suspended or cancelled. This may lead to termination of employment at the employer’s discretion.
  • An employee whose position involves driving must agree to undertake any driving assessment as required and must perform satisfactorily to maintain their employment.
  • Whilst engaged in the employment of Gateways and operating a vehicle, employees must wear seatbelts. When transporting clients, employees must ensure clients are appropriately harnessed. Failure to comply with this condition of employment could result in termination.
  • No employee is to use their employment with Gateways to make any personal gain at the expense or potential loss of Gateways and/or its clients.
  • Employees who sustain an injury or illness directly out of the course of their employment are to promptly advise their supervisor and complete a DINMA (Disease, Injury, Near Miss, Accident) report.
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