Preschool Field Officers play a key role in assisting children with additional needs and their families to access and participate in state funded 4 year old kindergarten programs in the Geelong, Barwon and South West regions of Victoria.

Our PSFO was an amazing resource, she provided us with so much relevant information, training ideas, support in the classroom and in general had the ability to make educators feel competent and valued…Teacher

 What is a Preschool Field Officer?

Gateways Preschool Field Officers (PSFO) are qualified in early childhood development with experience in early childhood education and working with children with additional needs and their families. They assist families to access state funded kindergartens and support kindergarten staff to provide inclusive programs which meet the needs of children and their families. They support, resource and collaborate with families to assist them make considered decisions about their child’s educational options and other services. The PSFO will provide transition to school support as required and will make referrals to specialist services with parents permission.

Gateways Preschool Field Officers are understanding, skilled and experienced in working with young children. They are responsive to children with additional needs and their families, good at team work, and able to provide coordinated services to families..

Preschool Field Officers support children with additional needs including:

  • children who need extra support in the kindergarten setting
  • children with a developmental delay
  • children with challenging behaviour
  • children with social or emotional difficulties
  • children with difficulties in communicating

Gateways Preschool Field Officers work in partnership with families to help children make the most of their kindergarten year.

Some of the ways Gateways Field Officers may help:

  • Observing your child within a play environment at preschool. This may tell us: how they interact with the children and adults outside of home; how they follow instructions; how they can manage their bodies at a variety of activities; and, give us an indication of their skills in comparison to a child of a similar age.
  • With your permission, they will complete developmental screening and assessments if needed.
  • Assisting in the development of individual programs for children with developmental difficulties or additional needs.
  • Visits to the kindergarten or childcare centre to build up a positive relationship with your child to support their skill development and continually provide the family with feedback.
  • Supporting the parent/guardian in their decision-making by providing information about resources, services and options.

Referral to the Preschool Field Officer Program

To make a referral for this service, please download the relevant form, complete and send it to the Therapy & Inclusion Support Services Manager at Gateways. :-

Barwon Region – Preschool Field Officer Referral Form – Barwon

South West Region – Preschool Field Officer Referral Form – South West Services

For further details about the Preschool Field Officer Service please Contact Us online or by phoning 5221 2984.