Gateways run a great range of recreation programs in Geelong and Western Melbourne for school age children and teenagers with a disability.  These programs help children make friends, learn new skills and gain confidence.

Weekday Options

We can bring friends together through special interest groups.


Weekend Options

Gateways School holiday program fun

The children enjoy reading books, singing and dancing together at the Gateways school holiday program

Gateways run several weekend recreational group programs for school age children with a disability or additional need on weekends. These include:

Geelong Youth Group – is a social group for young people with disabilities aged between 10 and 18 years. This groups meets on four Saturdays during each school term.

Winning Days – for people with Asperger Syndrome aged between 14 and 18 years. This group meets fortnightly during the school term.

Club 4 Us – is a social group for children with Asperger Syndrome aged between 8 and 13 years.

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School Holiday Programs

Gateways runs school holiday programs in Geelong and Western Melbourne for school aged children and young people with disabilities.

With experienced staff and volunteers, Gateways school holiday programs offer fun activities in a safe environment. The programs support friendships and social opportunities for the children.

The Geelong School Holiday Program is held at Barwon Valley School.

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Gateways programs supports social opportunities and friendships for young people with disabilities or additional needs in Geelong and South West Victoria

Geelong Youth Group (10-18 years)

The Geelong Youth Group supports young people with disabilities/additional needs to participate in a group based program providing a range of fun leisure and social activities in the community. Our program supports social opportunities and friendships for young people with disabilities/additional needs by providing a range of leisure activities within the general community. Our youth group is...

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Gateways Winning Days social group is for teenagers with Aspergers in Geelong

Winning Days (for children with Asperger Syndrome 13-18 years )

Winning Days gives teenagers with Asperger Syndrome, living in the Geelong region, the opportunity to form friendships while experiencing new activities. The Gateways Winning Days group is staffed by a recreation leader, who has experience in supporting teenagers with Aspergers in both the secondary school setting and in leisure activities. Additional staff and volunteer support...

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Gateways Club 4 Us is a social group for children aged between 8 and 13 years with Asperger Syndrome.

Club 4 Us (for children with Asperger Syndrome 8-13 years)

Club 4 Us is a social group for children aged between 8 and 13 years, who have Asperger Syndrome. The aim of Club 4 Us is to support children with Asperger Syndrome to have fun times with their peers in a supportive setting, whilst building independence and social skills. Club 4 Us is staffed by a recreation...

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Gateways A-Ok group helps support the friendships many children make at the Geelong School Holiday program by giving them a chance to meet during the school term

A-OK group (6-12 years)

The A-OK group aims to extend the friendships that many of the children make at the Gateways Geelong School Holiday Program by giving them a chance to meet during the school term. The children have lots of fun with their friends out and about on the weekend enjoying a range of different activities . To find out...

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