Pre-School Inclusion Services Overview

Our early childhood inclusion support services, assist children with additional needs through our Kindergarten Inclusion Support  program and Pre-school Field Officer roles. These services are available in the Geelong and Barwon regions and Warrnambool and South West regions. For more information about our early years inclusion services, contact  Gateways Therapy & Inclusion Manager via Contact Us or by phoning 5221 2984.

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Gateways kindergarten inclusion program provides support to educators who have a child with a disability attending their kindergarten

Kindergarten Inclusion Support

This program has been amazing for our son who has moved forward in leaps and bounds. The program has enabled him to further his social skills and attempt to make some friends. The enjoyment he has now at kinder is incredible…Parent The Kindergarten Inclusion Support Packages Program is funded by the Victorian Department of Eduction...

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Gateways Preschool Field Officers play a key role in assisting children with additional needs and their families to access and participate in state funded 4 year old kindergarten programs in the Geelong, Barwon and South West regions of Victoria.

Preschool Field Officer Program

Our PSFO was an amazing resource, she provided us with so much relevant information, training ideas, support in the classroom and in general had the ability to make educators feel competent and valued…Teacher   Gateways Preschool Field Officers (PSFO) are degree qualified early childhood educators with experience in planning and delivering high quality inclusive kindergarten...

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