The My House Project - your pathway home starts here

Your pathway home is unique to you. Where you want to live, who you wish to live with, who will support you in your new home. These decisions are yours to make. And we are here to help smooth the way. 

The My House Project is an independent advisory service for NDIS participants and families wanting to learn about and explore housing options. Our highly skilled and experienced team understands that finding the right home is about more than choosing a house There are many important steps along the way that need to be understood and navigated with care. The My House Project includes support to develop a housing plan, connect to providers of choice and find housemates with similar interests. We work collaboratively with a participant’s care team and chosen housing and support providers to help each individual reach their housing goal. 

Through our extensive network of quality providers, the My House Project offers participants a wide range of choice across Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), Individual Living Options (ILO) and mainstream housing. 

Your home, your choice.   

Your pathway home

The My House Project is a journey that begins with a specialised and experienced Housing Support Coordinator who will support you to: 

  • Develop your housing goals, 
  • Understand your housing options, 
  • Complete a housing plan that includes where you want to live, who you want to live with and when you would like to move in, 
  • Organise any therapy assessments you require to support your goals, 
  • Match with house mates if you would like to share, 
  • Connect and collaborate with housing and support providers, 
  • Complete housing application forms, 
  • Refer you to the SDA Project Team if applicable, 
  • Transition support, 
  • Ensure you receive ongoing property and tenancy support.  

SDA Project Team

The SDA Project team works with SDA providers to build brand new SDA homes that achieve the goals of My House Project participants. 

If your dream is to share your home with someone else, the project team will work closely with you and your support team on matching potential housemates through therapists, programs and trials to ensure the best possible results. 

The SDA Project team work collaboratively with SDA providers on the design and location of new SDA homes in consultation with participants and their support team.  

The My House Project and SDA Project teams are dedicated to ensuring participants live in a home that supports them to increase their independence and be a part of their community 

We also appreciate that moving into a new home is a big step for everyone in the family. Our teams welcome and support families to be involved throughout the process, and to remain a big part of their lives of their loved one  

Knowledge, experience and reputation

The My House Project is an initiative of Gateways Support Services – an NDIS registered and quality-accredited disability services provider supporting and empowering people with disability for more than 20 years. Our deep experience and knowledge of disability accommodation enables us to provide trusted independent advice as you and your family embark on this exciting journey towards your very own home. 

How do I join the My House Project?

You can complete an online referral form by clicking here. 

Once your referral is received, a team member will contact you to discuss the project, your housing goals and the next steps. 

You can use your NDIS Support Coordination funding or NDIS Core funding to join the project. The amount of funding hours required will depend on where you are at with your housing journey.  

Request a no obligation quote by contacting us at the below email address.  

If you would like more information or have any questions about the My House Project, please feel free to contact us. 


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