What Is A Key Worker?

When you have Early Intervention Supports, your Key Worker is the primary point of contact for your family and your child.  

What is a Key Worker? 

Your Key Worker is responsible for coordinating your therapy services through Gateways Support Services. This is the person that you and your child will spend the most time with, which means the Key Worker will get to know you and your family well and understand your needs and goals for your child. Key Workers are also therapists and have a background in Occupational Therapy or Speech Pathology, giving them the necessary skills and experience to support children and families.  

Working in a team of internal and external allied health professionalsas well as other health and specialist education professionals, the Key Worker brings together the team’s combined resources and expertise to support your child and family. Family members and carers are a crucial part of this team. 

What does a Key Worker do? 

Your Key Worker will provide support, information and advice and assist with the delivery and implementation of strategies that promote your child’s learning and development. 

The Key Worker collaborates with other therapists in the Gateways Support Services’ therapy team before and after visits to discuss potential strategies that will be used in the sessions. They also organise support from other therapists as required. 

They work with you to access services and supports, arranging consultations with other allied health and medical professionals to achieve the best outcomes. The Key Worker will also review your child’s goals and write the NDIS report for your NDIS plan review. 

Why do I need a Key Worker? 

Working with a Key Worker reduces the stress and anxiety that can arise from managing multiple appointments and organising various specialists. Your Key Worker will do the work for you, and support you every step of the way. The Key Worker is there to help coordinate the child’s individual plan in line with their development and your family’s priorities. 

Who is it for? 

Key Workers are available for all children under 7 years, regardless of whether the child has a formal diagnosis. 


You can access a Key Worker using funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) for children aged up to 7 years. 

How do I organise a Key Worker?

Phone your local Gateways Support Services’ office to find out more. 

Learn more about Key Workers in this interview with Gateways Support Services Key Worker, Maddy.

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