This program matches volunteers with a young person with a disability and arranges regular times to meet and have fun together.  This may be done individually or you may wish to involve your whole family.


Interchange Program hosts/volunteers are everyday people with no special qualifications. Volunteers can be a couple, with or without children, single people, young adults or grandparents. commitments can vary from a few hours to a full weekend each month.

Volunteer hosts receive orientation, training and ongoing support from qualified Interchange Program Workers.

Children benefit with new friendships! Having friends gives everyone a real boost and opens up a whole new range of experiences.

“I love going to my host family… I get to do lots of different things” – 16 year old Interchange Participant

Parents benefit  with a regular break! The child’s family can plan special weekends for recreation, renewal and uninterrupted time with their other children.

“Mary’s Interchange Hosts are very special for us because they are people who choose to be her friends (rather than paid carers).” – Interchange Parent

Hosts benefit  with a fulfilling and rewarding experience! Caring for someone with a disability is a stimulating and enriching experience for all involved.

“Our children have gained so much from their friendship with Jane.” – Interchange Host

To apply to become an Interchange Volunteer, please click here and complete the Interchange Volunteer Information Form  or contact us.

This program is supported by funding from the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments under the HACC program.