Short bursts deliver big results with online therapy

Jenna and Raam online therapy

A little can go a long way as many of our online therapy clients are discovering. With feelings of Zoom fatigue and too much screen time common, it can be easy to dismiss online therapy as ‘just another thing’. But with Gateways Support Services’ flexible approach to therapy sessions, there is no need to put your goals on the back burner during COVID-19 restrictions.

With the added pressures of lockdown and social distancing now, more than ever, continuing to access online therapy with your child is so important Gateways’ therapy team have outlined all the ways we are here to help make the experience simple, positive and successful.

Trying new things can be difficult

If you haven’t tried it before, the transition to online therapy can seem intimidating and difficult. We also understand that changes to routine can be challenging for some children. Our therapy team adjusts sessions according to the needs of every individual. That might mean shorter sessions with your child, or sessions that focus on helping you to help your child. It is entirely up to you and your child.

My child won’t sit still for that long

Many parents and carers report that their child struggles to sit still and focus through a full online therapy session, without the familiarity of face-to-face engagement. This is entirely understandable, especially for children who like to be on the move or who have behavioural or communication challenges. In these instances, we suggest trying a shorter therapy session. For instance, 15 minutes of quality therapy as opposed to a longer session that does not address a specific goal or skill.  Depending on your child’s plan, you might choose to have these shorter sessions more frequently. Being home more during the day means we can find a time that best suits you.

It’s too much screen time

We have also heard that some families are concerned with the amount of screen time their child is having. This leaves them feeling reluctant to add online therapy to the daily demands. Once again, shorter therapy sessions can combat this concern and ensure your child is still accessing these crucial services. 

We don’t have the proper tools at home

Our therapists have been creating special packs of resources customised to the needs of each client. These packs – which we can email to you or deliver directly to your home – contain everything your child needs during online sessions as well as tools to help you support your child and practice skills in between appointments.

I’m not confident supporting my child’s therapy

Therapists are experts in supporting and guiding you to help your child. With extra time at home, online therapy sessions are a great opportunity to learn strategies and practice skills under the guidance of a therapist. We can also help you learn and practice strategies to help your child develop skills around self-care and other everyday tasks that you might not normally have a chance to work on due to time constraints.

See a video about Raymond’s online therapy experience.

Whatever your concerns, our therapists are here to help and support you and your child to keep flexibly working towards your goals.

For more information about online therapy, please get in touch with our Therapy and Inclusion Manager via  or, if you are new to Gateways Support Services, please complete an Intake Inquiry.