Online Early Childhood Educators Resources

Welcome to Gateways Support Services’ Online Early Childhood Educators Resources Library. Here you will find an extensive range of material to assist you in supporting children and families with additional needs and disabilities and to promote inclusion in your early childhood setting. You will also find a link to our latest newsletter, packed with useful information.

Here are tip sheets to help promote inclusion:

Click to view Gateways Support Services reading of ‘When the Waterhole Dries Up.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Being the first to raise issues with the family Calming strategies Group Times and Transitions Having difficult conversations with carers Referral pathways Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviours Websites of interest Dealing with an angry carer Zones of Regulation Key word signing Using visuals to support routines and choice making Thinking About Promoting Social Skills In Preschool Using Visuals To Support Communication

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