Social Connect

Gateways provide a range of weekday recreation and skill development programs supporting adults who have a disability or additional needs.

Our programs support people with a disability to participate in a range of fun, leisure and recreational activities, learn new skills as well as maintaining existing skills, like self-help and independence. We also encourage people to develop social skills by becoming more involved in the community.

Our experienced, qualified staff offer a ‘person centred’ approach to build on each individual’s strengths and interests.

Weekday Program – Social Connect

Social Connect is based in Geelong and runs Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.  It provides individualised support for adults with a disability, including people with complex needs.  It gives them the opportunity to increase their independence and involvement in the community.   The program is based at 2 Gateways sites in Geelong, where there are a range of outdoor and indoor options, including a sensory room.  It supports people to:

  • Build independence
  • Build social skills
  • Get involved in the community
  • Gain work experience
  • Express creativity
  • Participate in recreation activities
  • Experience things they enjoy and can succeed at
  • Try new opportunities


  • Physical activities: swimming, gym, bushwalking, trampolining, bike riding, aqua aerobics.
  • Learning activities: communication, travel training, budgeting, money handling, shopping, reading.
  • Independence & living skills: cooking, household tasks, personal care.
  • Personal development: social skills, expressing yourself, developing relationships
  • Volunteering
  • Creative activities: painting, collage, music
  • Sensory activities: Sand activities, beach activities, textures, sensory room, music
  • Community: library, shops, cafes, museums, events, BBQs

Who is eligible

The program offers individualised support for a person with a disability 18 years or older, who has NDIS funding for 1:1 or 1:2 staff support.

To find out more about this program please email or call 5221 2984.