Gateways Charter of Rights

Gateways Charter of Service User Rights and Responsibilities

Gateways respects the rights of every child/adult/family and everyone who chooses to access our services and the rights of staff and volunteers.

Gateways Charter Of Service User Rights and Responsibilities is to be read in conjunction with the Disability Act 2006 Statements of Rights, the Out of Home Care Charter of Rights, NDIS Act 2013 Objects and Principles, the HACC Program Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for Community Care, the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and the Victorian Charter of Human Rights.

Universal Rights

Child Rights Adult Rights Family Rights Staff and Volunteers Rights
Children have the right to be safe Adults have the right to be safe Families have the right to be safe Staff and volunteers have the right to be safe
Children have the right to be treated with respect, recognising their unique strengths and needs with a recognition of their overall wellbeing and development Adults have the right to be treated with respect, recognising their unique strengths and needs and a recognition of their overall wellbeing Families have the right to be treated with respect, recognising their unique strengths and needs and a recognition of their overall wellbeing Staff and volunteers have the right to be treated with respect, and to work in a workplace that promotes health and wellbeing.

 Gateways Respects Service User Rights and Responsibilities including

Service User Rights Service User Responsibilities
Full information about service options To contribute to setting goals and planning activities
Reliable, coordinated, safe, quality care/services which are appropriate to your assessed needs, goals, interests and wishes To ask questions if you are unsure about some aspect of service delivery or strategies
To be treated and accepted as an individual, and to have your individual preferences taken into account and treated with respect To honour agreements, attend agreed appointments or advise staff if unable to attend
Being treated with dignity and respect and without abuse, discrimination, harassment or neglect To provide feedback about services and supports, and if you have a concern, to raise it with staff or the program coordinator
Have support that is respectful of you, your family and your home and that uses approaches that build on your individual strengths and interests and to support you to live your full human rights To pay for items where relevant including rent, living costs and other items as agreed
Respect for your cultural and religious practices, and to keep the language of your choice, without discrimination To treat other families and staff and volunteers with courtesy and respect, including through the use of social media
To be provided with culturally safe services that recognise and respond to the particular needs of your diverse, cultural, linguistic and religious background To respect the privacy and confidentiality of other children and families in verbal conversations, and on social media
Personal privacy To allow safe and reasonable access for Gateways staff for agreed service provision
To provide feedback and complain and to take action to resolve disputes Where appropriate, to accept personal responsibility for your actions and choices  (was under rights)
To have access to advocates of your choice and other avenues of redress  
Being free from repercussion or a well-founded fear of reprisal, in any form for taking action to obtain your rights  
To maintain control over, and to continue making decisions about, the personal aspects of your  daily life and possessions  
To receive a written plan/agreement regarding services provided  
Maintaining personal independence  
Select and maintain social and personal relationships with anyone else without fear, criticism or restriction  
Have access to services and activities available generally in the community  
Living without exploitation, abuse or neglect  
Living without discrimination or victimisation, and without being obliged to feel grateful to those providing services, supports or accommodation  
Full and effective use of your personal, civil, legal and consumer rights  
(If relevant), live in a safe, secure and homelike environment  
(if relevant), be consulted on, and to choose to have input into, decisions about the living arrangements of the residential care service  
(if relevant), move within and outside a residential care service without undue restriction  
Have access to information about your rights, care, (If relevant accommodation) and any other information that relates to the you personally  
(If relevant), be involved in the activities, associations and friendships of your choice, both within and outside the residential care service  
Provide you with access to your personal files if requested by you (please contact the service manager)  
Freedom of speech regarding your care/services provided to you  
To be helped to understand your rights and any information given to you  

Gateways Service Provision Conditions

Gateways provides services conditional on our capacity to ensure that children, families, staff and volunteers all feel safe and respected.

Gateways is required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 to ensure that our staff and volunteers are not subject to verbal, or physical abuse, bullying, harassment or intimidation.

If these conditions cannot be met we will need to make different arrangements such as: providing services using a different model or providing services in an alternative location

Gateways is committed to the safety of children, adults, families , staff and volunteers and reserves the right to withdraw services if we are not able to put in place strategies to manage risks.

Version – 12 May 2016