Corporate Partnership

Become a Corporate or Community Partner

Corporate and Community partnerships with businesses, enable Gateways to continue providing children and adults with a disability the extra support they need.

Why partner with Gateways?

  • Gateways is passionate about making a difference in the community and in the lives of people with disabilities.
  • We work with organisations and businesses to design an program that meets your social responsibility needs.
  • Gateways is a leading disability service provider in Barwon South West Region and is highly respected in the community.
  • ks closely with you to develop, manage and grow the relationship.
  • As well as helping people with a disability live a fulfilling life, your company will also benefit increased staff fulfillment, loyalty and retention.

Current Opportunities

Gateways partnership with Westfield Geelong supports children with a disability or additional need
The support of Westfield Geelong helps give children with a disability the extra support they need

Your organisation can support Gateways through donations, in kind support, corporate fundraising, workplace giving and/or staff volunteering programs.

If you would like to support us please Contact us for more information.

Current Partnerships

Gateways corporate and community partners support us in a number of ways, including funding some programs and activities, providing products and/or services as well as their staff volunteering time.

We would like to thank and recognise the invaluable support we receive from:

  • Westfield Geelong
  • Eastbrooke Medical Centres
  • Geelong Cats
  • Wallington’s WRG
Gateways and Geelong Cats footy clinic
Everyone from Gateways was all smiles after the Geelong Cats footy clinic. Thumbs up to Harry Taylor and all his team mates for a great day.