Adult Accommodation

Gateways provides shared and individual living for adults with a disability living in the Geelong and Barwon region as well as in Victoria’s South West region. We support people to have a good life and a real home in their community.

Our services have a focus on dignity, maximising the person’s control over their life and helping them develop and achieve the goals that are important to them.

Supported Accommodation provided by Gateways include:

  • Shared Living Services
  • Independent  Living Services

Our services are provided by staff trained to support people with disabilities.

Independent Living

Island Drive-2People with a disability can choose Gateways to provide Independent Living Services to help them live independently in their own home, in their own community.

Personalised support is provided to the person with a disability such as assistance with daily living activities including personal care, budgeting, social skill development and independent living skills.

Each person’s needs are taken into account. A support plan is developed in partnership with the person with a disability, and their support network, to ensure high quality, consistent care and support.

Who is eligible for Independent Living Services programs?

Gateways Independent Living Services are available to adolescents and adults with disabilities living in Geelong and the Barwon region, with NDIS funding for this support. Requests for Independent Living Supports can be made to the National Disability Insurance Scheme or by calling 1800 800 110.
For more information Contact Us or call 5221 2984.

Shared Community Living

Gateways provides shared living support to people with disabilities in Geelong, the Barwon region and Camperdown.

Person-centred planning is used to develop and improve opportunities for people living in Gateways houses by seeking input from the person, and all of the important people in their family and support network.

Support is provided to people with complex needs to achieve their goals including:

  • daily living and independence skills
  • community participation

Achieving big and small things helps to build people’s self-esteem and confidence.

Gateways actively supports people to be as independent and active as possible while providing support and supervision to ensure their safety and wellbeing during the day and overnight.

Who is eligible for Shared Living Services programs in Geelong & the Barwon region?

Gateways Shared Living Services are open to adolescents and adults with disabilities living in Geelong and the Barwon areas who have shared living funding in their NDIS plan.

Who is eligible for Shared Living Services programs in South West Victoria?

To apply for Gateways Shared Living Services home in Camperdown, adults with a disability need to:

  • be registered with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services;
  • have a Disability Support Request form completed for them; and,
  • be prioritised for a vacancy through the DHHS vacancy management process.

For more details about our Shared Living contact the Accommodation & Specialist Support Services Manager  via Contact Us or on 5221 2984.

Shared Community Living Services are funded by the NDIS or Victorian Department of Human Services. 

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