Shared and Independent Living Options for Adults

A home is different for everyone, and is a place that evolves and changes with the individuals who live there. Whether you live on your own, with a partner, with friends or others, a good home is one that nurtures the goals, dreams and wishes of its residents.

Ensuring each of our houses is a home is central to Gateways’ Supported Accommodation Services. Our highly-trained, deeply experienced and quality accredited staff put you at the centre of all decisions. We work with you to make your home a place where you:

  • Decide how you want to live,
  • Feel safe,
  • Can have family,
  • Have supports tailored to you.

Our services focus on dignity, maximising residents’ control over their lives. We understand that every individual changes over time, developing new skills, interests and goals. Our Supported Accommodation Services team adapt and change service delivery to meet residents’ needs. We aim to fit the resident; to be there to support them in every challenge, every success and every step they wish to make.

If you already have a house and are looking for high quality support to help you achieve a life of independence, read on to learn why Gateways has such a strong reputation for excellence in Supported Accommodation Services.

Supported Accommodation options

Gateways Support Services can provide support in the home and house structure of your choice.  We offer:

Gateways provides these service to people with disabilities in Geelong, the Barwon region, western Melbourne and south west Victoria.

Don’t have a house yet?

If you are looking for a home of your own or one to share with others, we can help find a solution.
Please visit the Information and Current Vacancies section of our website or speak to your support coordinator.

A home of Sam’s own Sam Nolan Web Story Pic

Sam’s grandma Marg says the smile has barely left the young man’s face since he moved out of the family home in 2020.

‘He’s just so much more well-adjusted and happy. It’s like he has matured,’ says Marg, who purchased a home for Sam before approaching Gateways to provide the support needed by her grandson.

Sam, who has an intellectual disability, is relishing the freedom and independence of his own space, made possible by NDIS Supported Independent Living funding, and is looking forward to finding housemates to share it with.

Marg describes team leader Anne as ‘brilliant’, explaining how she involves Sam and the family in decisions and thoroughly understands what makes Sam happy and comfortable.

‘It is so clear that, no matter what a person’s disability is, they will benefit from support to be their own person and live their own life,’ Marg says.

‘The whole house works together as a team and it wouldn’t be like that if Gateways wasn’t running things properly.’

Our service commitment

Gateways’ Supported Accommodation teams understand and embrace the fact that a person with a disability’s life is a journey towards reaching that individual’s maximum potential and live a happy life.

We take our responsibility to participants and families and meeting their expectations very seriously. If they have a worry or concern, or if something is not working, we will do our very best to fix it.

Accommodation Services Manager Sean Justin says staff are frequently asked to consider whether they would be happy for their own family members to receive the same level of service. If the answer is ever no, things need to change.

‘This is not just a job. We’re very privileged to be entrusted with somebody’s loved one,’ Sean says.

Deep experience in complex needs and positive behavior support

With more than 20 years’ experience, Gateways has established itself as a leader in providing SIL supports to a range of people living in SDA and ILO housing, including those with complex needs.

All our staff are trained in positive behavior support and autism support, combining best practice and creative approaches to manage challenging behaviours, while protecting the dignity and quality of life of each individual.

Evidence-based practice and outcomes reporting

Everything we do is evidence-based, with ongoing training for all staff ensuring the latest information is shared within Accommodation Support teams. We are always striving to do better for our participants and empower them to develop new skills, achieve their goals and enjoy meaningful and happy lives.

Staff prepare daily case notes in line with each individual’s NDIS plan to track development against stated goals. Our teams also work closely with participants, families, treating therapists and other specialists, support coordinators and positive behavior support practitioners to ensure everyone is on the same page and working together to best support each individual.

Together we plan, create strategies and goals and provide training for staff so that they are better able to understand each individual’s needs and support them to build daily living and independence skills and enjoy community participation.

Active family partnership and one central contact

Families are an important part of our work. We welcome families of residents to be as involved as they wish to be in the lives of their loved one and maintain clear and regular communication to support this. Families can also feel secure knowing each service is covered by a 24/7 on-call support roster.

Every Supported Accommodation Service has a dedicated team leader providing oversight, support and supervision to staff, monitoring the standard and condition of the house and being the key contact for families. They ensure that everybody is safe and that residents and families know who to talk to. For clients, they have the secure knowledge that – if they have a concern or complaint – they have a point of contact outside the day-today staff.

Skilled, experienced and genuine staff

Our managers, team leaders and all support staff bring specialised skills and experience to deliver a service that is renowned for its quality of care. Teams take part in regular professional development training to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date and meet regularly to discuss issues and support plans.

But perhaps even more important than formal training is the genuine and deep level of care staff bring to their support work. BBQs, dinners out, manicures, board games, discos and walks are just some examples of the fun times shared by residents and support staff.

Shared Community Living

Shared Community Living suits four or more people and all homes are owned by Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) providers. SDA refers to accommodation for people who require specialist housing solutions, including supports for extreme functional impairment or very high support needs.

To access Shared Community Living, you must have an NDIS plan and be eligible to access SDA funding.

Vacancies for Shared Community Living are advertised on the Housing Hub and the Gateways Support Services website <>.

Independent Living Services

People with a disability can choose Gateways Support Services to help them live independently in their own home, in their own community.

Independent Living Services are those where the person has their home. This can be a rental property, a property the participant or their family owns, or a shared equity property. Independent living can be shared with up to four people.

Personalised support is provided to the individual with a disability, such as:

  • Assistance with daily living activities including personal care,
  • Budgeting,
  • Social skill development, and
  • Independent living skills.

Each person’s needs are taken into account and a support plan is developed in partnership with the individual and their support network, to ensure high quality, consistent care and support.

To access Independent Living Services, you must have an NDIS plan with either SIL or CORE funding to provide the supports required to live in your own home.

Medium Term Accommodation

The NDIS will fund Medium term Accommodation so you have somewhere to live while waiting for your confirmed long-term housing solution. The NDIS will only provide funding if you’re waiting for your disability related supports and have long-term housing confirmed.

Gateways will provide MTA for people waiting to move into a home managed by Gateways.

More information

If you are seeking Supported Accommodation Services you can contact the National Disability Insurance Scheme or by calling 1800 800 110 to understand the funding and nature of support best suited to your needs

For more information on Gateways’ approach to supporting a person with disability in their living arrangements, Contact Us or call 5221 2984 and ask to speak with a member of the Accommodation and Specialist Support Services Team.