Support Us

How can you help the important work of Gateways?

Gateways helps some of the most vulnerable people in our community, and many of the services we provide are not government-funded.

We rely on the generosity of Individuals, Corporations and Trusts to be able to provide the services people need, but cannot get elsewhere.

You can help Gateways empower and support people with disabilities in so many ways:-


By nominating Gateways as your charity of choice you can help children and adults with a disability in your local community.

There are many ways you can help make  a difference.

– Take part in a Fun run, cycling or swimming event. Visit Everyday Hero for event ideas.

– Organise your own event – contact us for more information and a Fundraiser Kit.

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is an extremely easy, tax efficient way for an organisation and its employees to help Gateways support people with a disability.

Employers can choose to match their employee’s donations.  Studies have shown that when employers do this, it improves employee morale, work satisfaction and loyalty.

“You feel much better about your job when your organisation enables you to do something worthwhile in the community. There’s a sense of pride being involved”

How does it work?

Workplace giving allows employees to donate money directly through their pay on a regular basis, receiving an immediate tax benefit. Regular donations allow Gateways to budget more efficiently and effectively  where it is needed most.

If you’re an employer, payroll giving is easy to set up, operate and support your employees’ charitable giving.

Workplace Giving can also:

  • Improve your organisation’s charitable giving
  • Improve staff morale and job satisfaction
  • Extend your organisation’s social responsibility
  • Build long-lasting  relationships with community organisations.

For more information on how to set up Workplace Giving please contact us.

Make a Bequest

A Bequest is a gift made in your Will to a person or an organisation.

By leaving a Bequest to Gateways Support Services you can be assured that even after you have died you are contributing greatly to our ability to enhance and extend the services we offer to children and adults with disabilities, and their families.

Types of Bequests

There are four types of bequests that you can make through your Will.

  1. Residual Bequests. This Bequest is preferred by Gateways Support Services because it can be used to address urgent priorities. A Residual Bequest is a gift of what remains of your estate after all other gifts and taxes and debts have been satisfied.
  2. A Specific Bequest. This specifies the particular gift by way of a specific amount of money, a portfolio of shares, piece of property or specific life insurance policy. When considering this type of bequest it is important to consider inflation and the impact this may have on the value of your gift over a period of time.
  3. Percentage or fractional Bequest. This is a bequest expressed as a percentage or fraction of your estate (after all debts and expenses have been paid).
  4. The Whole of your Estate. A Bequest of someone’s entire estate usually occurs when there are no surviving relatives and the benefactor wishes to achieve something significant with their bequest.

Do you need a solicitor?

A Will is a legal document and will be the only way that will ensure your wishes are carried out. If you do not leave a Will then the law sets out who will benefit from your estate.

Gateways Support Services strongly recommends that you consult a solicitor for advice when formulating your Will.

Bequest Wording

Whether making an enquiry on behalf of a client or writing your own Will, please use the exact wording below, which is necessary to avoid mis-identification between Gateways Support Services and other similarly named organisations.

The correct wording for leaving a gift to Gateways Support Services in a Will is:

“I give to Gateways Support Services ABN 98 140 810 929 (the whole of my estate) OR (a specific sum or piece of property) OR (a percentage of my estate) OR (the residue of my estate) free of all duties, for its general purpose. I DECLARE an official receipt from a Public Officer of Gateways Support Services shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Executor.”

In memoriam

Many people now choose to remember a loved one by donating, in their memory, to their favourite charitable organisation, instead of receiving flowers.

Other ways to support Gateways include donating, volunteering, joining our auxiliary committee or corporate partnership. If you would like more information about supporting Gateways please contact us or call 03 5221 2984.