Preschool Field Officer Program

The Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) program assist educators in funded kindergarten programs to plan and deliver a kindergarten program that provides for the access, learning & development, and meaningful participation of children with additional needs.  This program is available in the Geelong & Barwon, Warrnambool & South West regions.

Our PSFO was an amazing resource, she provided us with so much relevant information, training ideas, support in the classroom and in general had the ability to make educators feel competent and valued…Teacher

What is a Preschool Field Officer?

Gateways Preschool Field Officers (PSFO) are degree qualified early childhood educators with experience in planning and delivering high quality inclusive kindergarten programs.  The PSFO program contributes to the provision of a quality kindergarten program that is able to meet the diverse needs of all children.

The PSFO program is designed to provide support and professional services to Victorian Government funded kindergartens to build their capacity to provide for the access and participation of children with additional needs in inclusive kindergarten programs.

The program is funded by the Department of Education and Training (DET).

There is no cost to the kindergarten program or families to the PSFO service.

What is the Role of the Preschool Field Officer?

  • To engage with the early childhood educators, not to work one on one with children
  • To actively build the capacity of educators
  • To consult and collaborate with the early childhood educator
  • To assist educators to build confidence, knowledge and skills to provide an inclusive program that is responsive to the needs of all children
  • To support partnerships between educators and families in their programs
  • To attend kindergarten programs and carry out play-based observations of referred children
  • To assist with the development of strategies for educators to include in their individual learning and the development programs for children with additional needs
  • To provide information and resources to educators.
  • To facilitate opportunities and encourage educators to engage in professional reflection.

Referral to the Preschool Field Officer Program

To make a referral for this service, please download the relevant form, complete and send it to the Therapy & Inclusion Support Services Manager at Gateways.

Preschool Field Officer Referral Form

Early Childhood Educators Resources

For further details about the Preschool Field Officer Service please Contact Us online or by phoning 5221 2984.