Support Coordination

Finding the best support and services to reach your goals, your way is central to every decision made by Gateways’ team of independent support coordinators. We put the choice and control in your hands while we focus on using our experience and local knowledge to present you with options that best suit your needs.

That’s why listening is so important in our role. We take time to deeply understanding your vision, your personality, your family and your specific needs. We are flexible and responsive to changes in your circumstances, coordinating your supports to keep you moving towards your goals.

Gateways has expertise in support coordination for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, intellectual disability and complex needs. Our team brings deep understanding of:

  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Independent living (SIL),
  • Mental health,
  • Community support for homelessness, and
  • Supporting families in crisis, including where child protection may be involved.

We also have team members with training and experience to deliver Specialist Support Coordination.

Our services are available in the Geelong region, Melbourne’s western suburbs and in Victoria’s south west.

“Our support coordinator has got all the contacts and knows what’s going on. She will tell me what’s happening, what she thinks will be good for the kids and will organise the bookings and sort out the invoicing. It’s all very easy.” – Gateways parent, Grace. Read more about Grace and her family

What is Gateways Support Coordination?

At its core, the role of support coordination is to independently implement the supports set out in a participant’s NDIS plan. But at Gateways we go further.

While NDIS plans focus on participants, Gateways’ support coordination team looks at families as a whole. We know that a supported family is better able to support their loved one with a disability.

Our team understands the round-the-clock demands of the carer’s role that leaves little time for families to research and source providers to best deliver the goals of NDIS plans.

We bring exceptional and independent local knowledge of providers and services – not only of NDIS funded supports, but also mainstream and community supports. Our diverse team brings a range of professional and lived experiences spanning early childhood, aged care, child protection, LGBTQI and CALD backgrounds.

Our support coordinators are privileged to get to know your family and your needs deeply and over time. We truly walk beside you – not only making sure you consistently get the support you want, but also being a support to you and your family when you need it.

We see your strengths, your skills and your vision for your life and work tirelessly with you to help you achieve the best possible results from your NDIS plan.

“Participants appreciate that we care and it’s not just a job. You’re not just going to get someone who ticks the required boxes and calls it a job done.” – Gateways Support Coordinator, Tania.

Specialist Support Coordination

Gateways’ team of Specialist Support Coordinators focus on supporting participants with complex needs, delivering specific supports required to address high risk in an individual’s situation.

The aim of Specialist Support Coordination is to address barriers and reduce complexity in the support environment, while continuing to help the participant access supports to build capacity, skills and resilience.

High risk situations requiring Specialist Support Coordination may include:

  • Families in crisis,
  • Behaviours of concern,
  • Medical needs,
  • Involvement in the justice system,
  • Children in out of home care.

In such cases the NDIS may decide specific funding for Specialist Support Coordination is necessary. Your Specialist Support Coordinator will work with you, your family and carers and other relevant agencies to plan and implement innovative, person-centred supports to help you through difficult times.

What to expect from your Support Coordinator

Your Support Coordinator will give you independent advice on the best supports available to meet your needs, no matter who the provider is.

When you choose Gateways Support Coordination, we will receive a ‘Request for Service‘ form from the NDIS, with instructions on how to implement your plan. From there, we will work with you to develop a Service Agreement explaining our role in helping you access the supports in your plan.

While Support Coordinators do not provide advocacy for participants, we can help you prepare for and submit an NDIS plan review, as well as attending meetings with you to support you in speaking for yourself.

Gateways Support Coordinators abide by the NDIS Code of Conduct, which requires us to actively minimise conflicts of interest. When decisions need to be made, we will always ask you, family or carers, or others you know and trust, or help you engage an independent advocate.

VALID – What to expect from your support coordinator

NDIS – Information about support coordination

If you have support coordination in your current NDIS plan (Coordination of Supports) please contact our Support Coordination Team via Contact Us or by phoning 5221 2984 .  If you don’t have this support please contact the National Disability Insurance Agency to discuss your individual plan.


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