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Gateways offers a wide range of fun and exciting recreation and skills development programs for children and adults with a disability.  Choose your location and browse our range of activities.

If you’re new to Gateways please contact  our Central Intake team to register for this service.

How it works:

We offer a diverse range of age-appropriate activities throughout the week and during school holidays. We also run popular overnight camps and short breaks, offering people the chance to experience memorable holidays with their peers.

We offer a combination of regular programs, as well as a range of participant inspired activities.

How is Gateways Different?

Our programs give participants the opportunity to learn and practice real life skills with peers and within the community. We seek input from our participants to create programs that are meaningful to them.

How you will benefit from joining our programs?

Building skills is about making friends and being a member of our communities. It’s about learning social skills, taking turns, queuing up, paying for items, using public transport, understanding expected behaviours in different settings. All while having a great time and going home with a smile.

We also understand the importance of families getting a break from caring responsibilities in the knowledge their loved one is having fun, gaining new experiences and developing skills in a safe and supported environment.


Next step – choose your activities!

Use the filters below to find the activities that suite you best – add them to your activity list and submit your form!

To get started:

  • Choose the ability level that suits you best
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If you need help with your choices, you can contact:

If you’re new to Gateways and would like to register with us, please contact our Central Intake team to register for this service. Email


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