What does it mean to be a ‘Registered Disability Service Provider’?

Under the NDIS, some – but not all – providers are registered disability service providers. People who self-manage their NDIS package can choose to use either a registered or an un-registered disability service provider.

Choosing a registered disability service provider ensures that stronger safeguards and accountability measures are in place, which is particularly important for protecting the rights of children and adults with an intellectual disability or autism.

What does it mean to you and your child to access services through a registered disability service provider? First and most important of all… peace of mind!

Did you know that:

  1. Registered disability providers in Victoria must comply with the Disability Act 2006 which strongly promotes the rights of people with a disability including reporting on appropriate behaviour support plans and use of any restrictive interventions.
  2. Registered disability service providers are required to meet quality standards for all the services they provide, and they undergo regular quality reviews by external quality auditors who check that all standards are being met.
  3. Registered disability service providers are required to notify funding bodies if a serious incident occurs and to show that the incident has been dealt with thoroughly and promptly, in the best interests of the child or adult with a disability.
  4. Registered disability services are required to follow mandatory reporting guidelines to the police if a serious allegation of physical or sexual assault is made.
  5. Registered disability services are also subject to investigations by the Disability Services Commissioner where a complaint has been raised or a serious incident has occurred.


Gateways is a registered disability service provider and we are committed to zero tolerance of abuse and neglect of children and adults  with disabilities, and we continually strive to ensure and improve the quality of our services.

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