My Life, My Choice self advocacy project

Last year with the support of a grant from the State trustees, Gateways Supported Accommodation Team Leaders Sally Tozer- Jones and Rod Day, led a ‘My Life, My Choice’ self-advocacy project. The project is an initiative to support people with a disability and encourage them to speak up for themselves.

The Gateways accommodation team have all embraced the project, seeing the importance of empowering our residents, particularly those with limited communication skills. Our team are there to respect each individual with their rights and choices and provide relevant and objective information to support their decision making.

What is self-advocacy? It helps individuals to:

  • Know who to speak to, and how, regarding all choices in their life
  • Be confident enough to let you know their choice
  • Improve their self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Have independent control over their own lives
  • Uphold their human rights
  • Say no

As part of the project, the people living in our supported accommodation houses were given the opportunity to participate in workshops and to create individual advocacy posters. These posters are displayed in their rooms as a way of helping them express some of their likes and dislikes. Cue cards were also developed and given to all individuals for them to use as another way of communicating their needs and choices throughout the day.

Watch our video to find out more:

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