March 8, 2018

Gateways Support Services, which provides disability services in Geelong, Western Melbourne and South West Victoria, is one of those rare organisations which is headed up by a female CEO, has a largely female management team and 83% of its 470 plus staff are women.  

This is no mean feat in the Australian workforce and is being celebrated on International Women’s Day, which recognises women’s rights and women’s achievements.

Gateways CEO Rosemary Malone has steered the organisation’s growth since its beginnings in 1998 (organisation started in 1997) and in 2015 was inducted into the Victorian Women’s Honour Role in recognition of her contribution to disability services. Today she heads up a highly diverse and skilled team, the majority of which whom are women working in therapy, recreation, support coordination and supported accommodation.

Rosemary Malone says the success of the organisation as an employer of women revolved around providing a range of interesting and attractive professional, skilled and often highly flexible employment opportunities that created a good work / life balance for women.

“Our staff have confirmed that they enjoy working at Gateways, with 98% saying they would recommend working for Gateways to a friend and 96% feel proud telling people where they work.”