Volunteer Week a Time to Recognise Our Volunteers

Interchange Host Volunteer Supporting Children with Disabilities in Sunbury.

Volunteer – Karen Chambers

Karen will go out of her way to do anything for the kids – Carer

Karen has been an exemplary Interchange Host Volunteer since August 2001 and has spent the past years providing invaluable support to young and older children with disabilities as well as respite for their families and carers in the Sunbury area. For most of this time, she has been an ongoing host for two families.

Karen regularly hosts one full day per month for one family and for another family, is available when needed, particularly around Christmas time. Her continuing desire to make a difference in children’s lives and support carers as a host, is very much appreciated and valued by all.

Her commitment, reliability, flexibility, love, passion and caring nature are just a few of her qualities that have enabled those special relationships between clients and carers to develop, grow and become ever-lasting.

She has enriched the lives of Interchange Western Gateways clients and empowered them to learn to do things independently in a very safe, caring and sharing environment. Carers value her contribution and the relationships they have with her and their children and continually acknowledge this with very positive feedback.

For Karen, volunteering is a way of life with volunteering extending to Rotary Club, Lions Club Hostel, Church groups and more, to support her local community.   A vibrant, 71 year old, Karen plans to continue to follow her passion of helping others for many years to come and enjoy the satisfaction it brings.

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