Record breaking Rubik’s Cuber to help launch Christmas gift wrapping fundraiser

Jack Cai speedcuber to launch Gift Wrap Fundraiser

Gateways’ annual Christmas gift wrapping fundraiser kicks off with a twist next week with a visit from record breaking speedcuber, Jack Cai.

Jack, who set a world record in April after he solved a Rubik’s cube in 16.22 seconds while blindfolded, is visiting Geelong to help promote Speedcubing Australia’s first ever competition in the region.

The organisation, which is part of the World Cube Association, is holding a competition in Anglesea on 29 December. And with competitor spots already booked out, future competitions are in the pipeline for the Geelong region.

World Cube Association delegate Kerrie Jarman says speedcubing is growing in popularity, especially attracting people with autism as it combines individual achievement, intense focus and socialising with others who share a common interest.

Entry to watch the competition, which will be held at Anglesea Memorial Hall, is free and all are welcome.

Jack will help launch the Gateways’ gift wrapping event at Westfield Geelong next week. Throughout December, individual and corporate volunteers – including Cotton On, GMHBA, Bendigo Bank, Wallington Rural and Work Safe – will ease some of the Christmas load by wrapping gifts for a gold coin donation.

Money raised will go to the Gateways recreation programs for children and adults with autism and intellectual disability, ensuring they can participate in fun, social activities within their community.

As part of the launch, Jack will see how many cubes he can solve blindfolded in the time it takes Gateways’ volunteer coordinator, Jenny Schmidt, to wrap one!

Jack began solving Rubik’s cubes aged 14, entering his first competition a year later and quickly moving on to blindfolded solves after being inspired by YouTube clips.

His first major success came in June 2017 when he set the Rubik’s Cube Blindfolded Oceanic Record Single in 26.16 seconds.

Jack held his world record from April until August this year, when Max Hilliard of the USA solved the cube blindfolded in 15.50 seconds.

‘My next major goal is to break the world record for the 3×3 multiple blindfolded event, which involves selecting a certain number of cubes, memorising them all and then solving them all in one go while blindfolded within an hour,’ Jack says.

The current world record sits at 59 out of 60 cubes in 59 minutes and 46 seconds.

Jack, who practices for a few hours each day in between studying for his Bachelor of Music, says speedcubing success requires similar traits to other sports: persistence, consistent practice and ability to cope well under pressure.

He says volunteering in competitions is a great way to meet new people with similar interests, get to understand the competition environment and also contribute to the smooth running of the event.

The Gateways Christmas Gift Wrapping Fundraiser begins at 10am Friday 6 December and runs through to Christmas Eve. The wrapping station is situated outside BigW at Westfield Geelong. Spots are still available for volunteers wanting to help out. Find out more here.

For information about the Surf Coast Cubing event visit