An update on your Gateways supports as pandemic restrictions ease

Ceo Message Covid 19 Update April 2020

You will have seen updates to government advice around  COVID-19 along with some easing of restrictions. I hope this has meant that you have been able to catch up with friends and families or at least ensure you feel a little more confident to enjoy outside.  These changes mean it’s time for another update from us about how our programs and activities will look over the coming months.

My last note discussed possible alterations during May and July should restrictions shift. Following the government updates, we have given careful consideration to options that would ensure compliance, and appropriate safety for participants and staff, while expanding opportunities for much needed supports.

Consistent with students returning to school soon, and the permitted increase in community based activities for exercise and wellbeing, we are slowly recommencing a range of one-on-one or small activity opportunities.

Please see our Current Services Update page with the latest details summarised in a table for each age group.

Regardless of the activity, the risk assessment for each remains the same.

  • Participants or carers will be asked to confirm that the participant is well before attending.
  • Temperature checks will operate.
  • Participants must have the capacity to be able to be picked up within 30 minutes if they become unwell.
  • The timeframes for activities will be shorter so we can ensure complete and thorough cleaning for the next day.
  • Participants will need to understand and practice hand hygiene or be comfortable with assistance to allow this.

We appreciate that you will be mindful of the risks associated with these changes and with engaging in services as we adapt to the necessary changes.

This week we will also send out a survey to gauge your preferences, ideas and needs for services between July and December.

We remain committed to changing our services to respond to your thinking and the needs of your participant and more broadly those of your family.

With warm regards,

Steph Gunn
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