New trampoline with therapeutic benefits thanks to Vuly Play

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Participants at Gateways Support Services’ Werribee site can explore fun, active, and safe outdoor play thanks to a trampoline donation from Vuly.

Trampolines are a fantastic way for children of all ages and abilities to improve their social skills, healthy behaviours, skill-building and progressive development in playtime.

‘A trampoline provides numerous benefits for children. These can range from movements breaks and fun between therapy activities to being an essential part of group programs and improving physical health,’ says Delia, Team Leader of Paediatrics in western Melbourne.

‘With regular use, we’ve seen kids increase their core torso and gross motor muscle control and improve their coordination and cardiovascular fitness.’

‘Children can also experience and improve a variety of sensory inputs including vestibular input (balance) and proprioceptive input (your muscles ability to determine where they are in space).’

‘By promoting fun and active play, a trampoline is a valuable tool that can be used to help children regulate their emotions and improve their sense of wellbeing.’

The use of outdoor play equipment provides children with a safe social environment where they can learn turn-taking, embrace the unique qualities of their peers, and play as part of a group.

‘Vuly is proud to play a role in the important work and services Gateway Support Services provides for children and adults with a disability,’ says Bree Davis, Vuly’s Strategic Partnership Manager.

We thank Vuly Play for supporting Gateways Support Services vision of creating inclusive, community-based spaces for people with disabilities to achieve their goals.

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