Gateways Chair Keith Baillie resigns from the board

Gs Keith 2

At the recent board meeting held on 26 February 2024, Gateways Chair Keith Baillie announced his resignation from the board, marking the end of his tenure with the organisation. Keith, who joined the board in November 2018 as a Director, was elected to the position of Chair in November 2021, succeeding Bernie Jenner.

During his time at the helm, Keith played a pivotal role in navigating Gateways through several significant events. Notable among these was following the resignation of CEO, Stephanie Gunn in August 2022, which required adept leadership to ensure continuity and stability within the organisation. Keith led the appointment and oversight of interim and acting CEOs while the search for a new CEO ensued, culminating in the appointment of Rohan Braddy in February 2023. Rohan commenced as new CEO in April 2023.

Acknowledging Keith’s contributions, Gateways expresses gratitude for his unwavering commitment and dedication throughout his tenure.

“I would personally like to thank Keith for his support and guidance throughout the early stages of my tenure as CEO of Gateways. Keith’s leadership, strategic insight, and tireless efforts have been invaluable for me as an incoming CEO, navigating a new organisation” Rohan shared.

Gateways extends its best wishes to Keith for his future endeavours. Until the board elects a new Chair, current Deputy Chair Greg Hughes and Treasurer Jacquie Malloch will serve as Co-Chairs.