How we will do it

Our PLACE strategy sets out what we are working to achieve over the next three years. This direction will be guided by a set of principles that will inform each decision Gateways Support Services makes.

Children and adults

  • We take our responsibility to the children and adults with disability that we support to the very core of our existence – we believe what we do really matters,
  • We commit to our supports being of the highest quality – we know that how we do it is of equal importance,
  • We will always listen, create, nurture and support their journey to enhanced independence, celebrating each and every step.

Families and community

  • We embrace our families and the community in which we live,
  • We recognise our responsibility to assist in building resilience and understanding,
  • We will expand our commitments to families in western Melbourne and south west Victoria,
  • We acknowledge the coming years will be turbulent and commit to be responsive to the needs of our clients as they navigate these changes.

Staff and volunteers

  • We respect each and every one of our staff as an individual and recognise their deep commitment to the people we support,
  • We will continually invest in their skills and strive to offer security in employment with a remuneration reflective of their skills, roles, responsibilities and industry benchmarks,
  • We commit to good and equitable management and recognise the leadership role we all play to ensure quality outcomes for the people we support.


  • We will be good citizens by being fair, transparent and accountable for our services and commitments to society,
  • We will ensure that our operations are profitable to allow investment into the agreed for-purpose priorities,
  • We will be innovative in pursuit of new opportunities that benefit clients and the community while retaining reserves to protect our clients and staff in unpredictable times.

Read more about our PLACE Strategy.

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