Start Year 7 successfully with the Let’s Strive program

pencil with sharpener and exercise book

Let’s Strive is a two-session transition program offering support and information for Year 7 students
who have additional needs, and their parents.

Our Adolescent Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist have created these sessions to assist families during this big change, making the move to high school as stress-free and successful as possible.

This program aims to:
• Support conversations to identify individual strengths,
• Allow Year 7 students with neurodisabilities to speak with each other and form friendships,
• Offer a safe space for children and their parents to voice concerns and work towards resolutions about the high school transition,
• Assist children and parents in minimising and managing stress in transition,
• Enable parents to liaise with and support each other through what can be a challenging time.

Parents will have a 30-minutes pre-program consultation with a therapist and will receive learning resources in addition to the two-hour sessions.

The sessions will run 6-8pm on Thursday 13 February and 5 March. Participants must have an NDIS plan, with funding for the program coming from the Capacity Building bundle.

To find out more or register, contact Therapy Program Manager, or phone 5221 2984