Communicating joy at Edmill

Person with a dog in a dog park

Pictured: Denzel enjoying a dog park visit.

In the serene neighbourhood of Edmill Court resides Denzel, a resident of Gateways’ supported accommodation, who recently celebrated his 21st birthday milestone.

Denzel’s journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing. He’s faced challenges in his previous home, where safety concerns led to restrictions. Due to his tendency to want to get out and about on his own, staff had to lock both the front and bathroom doors to prevent potential risks.

Fraser, an Edmill Team Leader, reflects on Denzel’s growth, “Over the years Denzel has continued to improve his communication skills which is especially impressive since Denzel uses alternative forms of communication.”

Edmill has played a pivotal role in Denzel’s progress. Fraser explains, “For Denzel, living at Edmill has been a game changer. One of the biggest impacts is the huge, shared yard space for Denzel to be able to enjoy. He loves being on his feet and exploring. Having such a large property allows him to burn energy and explore his environment as much as he likes while remaining safe.”

Two friends smiling standing next to each other
Pictured: Denzel And Edmill Team Leader Fraser.















Fraser also highlights another crucial aspect of Edmill, the presence of the dedicated staff, “Denzel is one of the most social people on the planet. Having an endless stream of people for him to interact with and bring a smile to their face with his infectious personality is fantastic.”

“He brings happiness wherever he goes,” Fraser says. “He is always a friendly face to members of the community he meets along the way and due to his beautiful nature always gets the respect he deserves from those he meets.”

Recently, Denzel celebrated his 21st birthday surrounded by friends, enjoying the thrill of unwrapping presents and enjoying outdoor activities. A new sandpit added to his delight, making the day even more special. ‘Denzel celebrated his 21st birthday surrounded by the people who make him happy.’

Support Workers Building A Sandpit
Pictured: Edmill Support Workers building Denzel a sandpit for his birthday.
Person Playing With their New Toy Car
Pictured: Denzel Playing with his new toy car he recieved for his birthday. 























But Denzel’s happiness goes beyond the confines of Edmill. He thrives on community outings, creating new friendships wherever he goes. His presence at the local dog park is particularly endearing, where he engages with dogs and brings smiles to people’s faces. ‘Denzel makes friends everywhere he goes with his smile and laugh’ Fraser says.

At Edmill, Denzel enjoys his hobbies. He loves playing with his cherished toys, including a spinning pram. His love for music shines through as he strums the guitar, plays the keyboard, and enjoys the ukulele with the support of our staff.

Shakira, Denzel’s sister, attests to the positive impact of Gateways’ community, affirming, “I think Denzel being a part of the Gateways community has allowed him to flourish and be the best version of himself. From the support and care from his wonderful care team to having bonds with the other participants at the house and at Social Connect, it has all been positive.”

Shakira shares, “Seeing Denzel have friendships and interacting with other participants and staff, makes me feel at ease that he has an amazing circle of people around him. Staff go above and beyond to ensure his needs are met.”