Meet Sam Aitken: Leading Support Coordination in Ballarat

Samantha Aitken Support Coordinator in Ballarat

Introducing Sam Aitken

Gateways Support Services is excited to spotlight Sam Aitken, an integral part of our NDIS Support Coordination team in Ballarat. As a team leader, Sam brings a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise to her role, deeply enriching our service offerings and the lives of those we support.

Sam’s journey in community services began in 2016 as a support worker, directly assisting adults and youth with mental health challenges, psychological disabilities, and trauma. Her transition to a support coordination role in 2017 and then to a team leader in 2022 highlights her dedication and skill in navigating complex care needs. Sam’s personal experience as a primary support for someone with a mental health diagnosis and complex PTSD has fueled her passion for the mental health, AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs), and disability sectors.

Currently completing a Dual Bachelor of Criminology and Psychological Science at Deakin University, Sam is poised to further enhance her ability to understand and support the nuanced needs of our clients. Her specialties lie in complex mental health, where she leverages her education and experience to foster meaningful connections and ensure that support strategies align seamlessly with clients’ NDIS goals.

A dedicated leader in NDIS Support Coordination

At Gateways Support Services, we recognise the importance of effective support coordination in maximising the benefits of your NDIS plan. With Sam leading our team in Ballarat, we are better equipped than ever to empower our clients to achieve their full potential. Her approach prioritises understanding individual needs, enhancing support networks, and ensuring clients have the tools to thrive.

For those in Ballarat and surrounding areas seeking comprehensive support coordination, Sam Aitken and our team are here to assist. Reach out to us at 03 5221 2984 to discover how we can help you navigate your NDIS plan and achieve your goals with confidence.

You can check out Sam’s LinkedIn profile here for more details.