Michael’s journey beyond Gateways’ Ormond Road

Smiling With Coffee

Pictured: Michael enjoying coffee during an outing, thanks to the support from Gateways’ Ormond Road team.

At Gateways’ Ormond Road house, a dedicated team has been working closely with Michael, a client who previously had not left his home for many years. With the team’s support, Michael began stepping out, first to a local coffee shop, and then to other nearby places. This was part of a broader plan to help him reengage with the community and manage his outings better.

3Pictured: Michael enjoying other outings. 

The team has gradually been reintroducing Michael to traveling, starting with just sitting in a vehicle, and eventually taking short trips around the block. Recently, Michael achieved a new milestone by taking a half hour trip to Portarlington for coffee and a walk along the pier.


Pictured: Michael enjoying an outing in Portarlington.

Another significant step forward was Michael’s recent visit to his doctor, previous Gateways board member Dr. Robert Ward, which went well despite some initial anxiety. This visit was notable because Dr. Ward used to only see Michael at his home. The team members helped make this visit happen.

Anne, Residential Team Leader said, ‘I am really proud of all of the Ormond 7 team. They have all worked really hard, consistent and in a really smart way to support Michael to be more settled overall, meaning that he feels safe and secure to push his limits.’


Pictured: Michael at a recent doctors visit.  

Special recognition goes to the following team members who have made notable contributions: Karley Thompson, for leading outings; David Seery, for his insights and use of his van; Christiana Harper, for encouraging Michael to use the front door; and Ed Masola, for supporting meals out in public places.

The collective efforts at Ormond Road are centred on creating a secure environment that encourages Michael to explore beyond his comfort zone, showing great results in improving his confidence and independence.